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Merciful Flush: The Lance Manion Blogs


Humor is realizing the frankness and humility in our lives. "Merciful Flush: The Lance Manion Blogs" is a collection of blog articles from Lance Manion as he compiles his views and humor surrounding the world with his work, touching on the many elements we face in our lives that challenge the perspe (more) ctive of the reader. "Merciful Flush" is a fine pick for those looking for mirth and memoir.

- Midwest Book Review, Jul 20 2012

"The humor at times is way out there and may be a bit much for some readers. This is certainly one of those books that at time had me rolling with laughter while other times I was cringing." -Rita   Rita Reviews full review (more) on/">here

- Rita Reviews review of Merciful Flush, Jun 26 2012

"A rambling collection of essays, anecdotes, and assorted madness. The humor often borders on the demented, sort of a cross between David Sedaris and Happy Tree Friends. If you're looking for something well outside the mainstream, this will probably amuse you." -Melydia   Utter Randomonium f (more) ull review here

- utter randomonium review of Merciful Flush,

" An easy and compulsive read, Merciful Flush by Lance Manion is a blogging success story and definitely worth picking up for any travel reading. Very very very very imaginative, I can’t believe what is now in my mind that wasn’t there before.  Rating: ★★ (more) ★☆." -Anya   On Starships and Dragonwings Full review here

- On Starships and Dragonwings review of Merciful Flush, Jun 18 2012

"Here we have a collection of strange little tales, fully of the wacky and the wild. Now, some are hilarious, others are quirky and strange, like the author says, it's like a video montage." (more)

- Martin Gibbs Voltaire’s Reviews, Jun 14 2012

"It isn’t often that I pick up a book and feel that it’s so wrong and yet so right. The stories all have a certain amount of quirkiness and snark that makes them fun to read. My rating for this book is a 4 out of 5." Full review (more) 2/friday-book-merciful-flush-by-lance-manion/">here

- Donald L Pitsiladis Casa de Pitsiladis, May 14 2012

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Merciful Flush: The Lance Manion Blogs
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quotes from the book

*   If you want to be happy find a girl that is a balloon shaped like a kite.

*   Listen, you may think you’re the shit with your silk being stronger than steel of the same thickness and all but you don’t know dick about the weather.

*   Sometimes at night I lay there and imagine my face with no skin on it.

*   I swim with the same finesse that most people drown.

*     Eternity is every second you spend in fear.