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Results May Vary: The Lance Manion Blogs


An interesting blog has to be equal parts confession, exultation and suicide note. The blogger has to be arrogant and insecure, brimming with joy and despair, able to see hope and hopelessness in everything and, before he can claim to strive for honesty, he has to figure out what it is. There are a lot of stories in Results May Vary, something to entertain, inspire and offend everybody.

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Results May Vary: The Lance Manion Blogs
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quotes from the book

*   I always look at the human body as pretty easy to cut up. Just snip at all the joints; ankles and wrists and elbows.

*   Memories are like scars on your brain.

*   I might as well be rejoicing about extracting individual hexadecimal digits by calculating preceding ones using some lame Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe formula.

*   Words have always been a problem. This need to fill a conversation the same way you’d overstuff a piece of luggage for a short trip.

*   All I know is I like the image of a man sitting in a grocery store cradling a bottle of detergent.